A R T E M I S   H O U N D   C O L L A R S

Treat your dog to the most exclusive collar available - one that's made especially for them!


Choose from a number of established designs which can be modified to suit, commission a collar made to your own design/ideas or have a design created for you.
A collar can be as plain or as extravagant as you wish and matching leads can be made too.

Most Artemis Hound Collars are made starting with basic, untreated leather giving complete freedom of design.

Once agreed upon, the design is hand carved into the leather creating a permanent 3D pattern.


Once any carving is completed, the collar is treated with oil and left to absorb it before the process of colouring and finishing is started. Colour is applied with dyes and leather paints as well as additional finishes such as antique stains.

Additional embellishments in the form of gold and palladium leaf or crystal studs are added before the collar is sealed with a clear finish.



Most collars have a padded lining which is in a super soft leather, usually goat or calf skin. A non-padded suede lining can be used. The lining is sewn in on 'the beast' - a Cobra Class 4 leather sewing machine but the all important hardware is still stitched in by hand using saddlers stitch and bonded nylon thread.

Hardware can either be solid brass or nickel plated brass. Most collars are either a traditonal buckle fastening or a half check collar or martingale but other designs such as slip collars can be made.