A R T E M I S   H O U N D   C O L L A R S


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Artemis Hound Collars cost?

Much depends on the design. A firm quote can usually only be made once the design is established.

How long will it take to make my collar?

A fully carved and dyed collar usually takes from two to three weeks once the design is agreed.

Will you make a collar to my design/idea?

Yes most things can be done although some may need a bit of amendment.

Will the collar stand up to much wear and tear?

All collars are tough and well made from high quality materials. You will be advised what kind of decoration is inadvisable for the use you intend to put the collar to. The more decorative collar may be cosmetically damaged by rough treatment.

What type of fastenings can I have?

That is entirely your choice but the two most popular options are either a traditional buckle or a half check collar.

What types of dog do you make collars for?

Usually the sight hounds or running dogs and a few other breeds that wear wide collars but any breed can be accommodated.

Do you make/sell tassels?

Yes! Tassels are now available.

How do I care for my Artemis hound collar?

All goods come with care instructions, these will vary for individual collars.